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Tips for Keeping Kids Safe from an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Car crashes are a leading cause of death and injury among young people in America. Because children rely on their parents to keep them out of harm's way, it is important for adults to follow a few steps every time they drive with their kids in the car. Depending on the child's age, different rules apply. Here are some of the recommendations from an experienced Atlanta car accident lawyer for keeping kids of any age safe while in the car.

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers Represent Cases Involving Children

  • Buckle up. It is the law for everyone in the car to have their seatbelts fastened, and it is the best way to for drivers and passengers to stay secured in their seats in the event of an accident. Because children follow the example of their parents, it is important for adults to follow this rule. An Atlanta car accident lawyer will tell you the best way for parents to enforce this behavior is to start making it a habit from a very young age.
  • Use car and booster seats. Infants and young children need to be placed in car seats that face the rear of the vehicle in order to secure their extremely fragile head and neck. Now, the recommendation is for children up to two years of age to be placed in rear-facing car seats. Most states require that older children be placed in a booster seat until they are over 4 feet 9 inches tall.
  • Enable safety locks. Any Atlanta car accident lawyer will tell you how important it is to use child safety locks on all passenger doors. Kids can get bored very quickly in the car, and when their imagination takes off there is no telling what they will do. It is very dangerous to open the car doors while the vehicle is in motion; child locks were designed to prevent this from happening, so make sure they are always activated.
  • Keep them occupied. When kids start to get restless, the car ride gets dangerous. Parents who take their eyes off the road to discipline their children are putting themselves and other motorists at risk for a serious accident. Atlanta car accident lawyers suggest that adults be fully prepared for long car rides with snacks and games so that children are not the source of dangerous distracted driving habits.


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