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Distracted driving is well-known as the leading contributor of auto accidents in America, including Georgia. Many people think that taking their eyes off the road to send a quick text message or change a song on their MP3 player is no big deal. The truth is, whenever a driver's eyes are off the road they run the risk of a serious crash. If you or a loved one is involved is the victim of a distracted driving accident an Atlanta personal injury attorney can help.

This national safety issue is a concern among lawmakers and enforcement officers, which is why they have created and implemented new laws to protect everyone on Georgia's roads. In 2010, a law was passed that makes it illegal to text while driving. Now, drivers can be fined up to $150 if they are caught. The best way to prevent fines and serious accidents caused by distracted driving is to create a safe environment in your car or truck in the following ways:

Secure any loose items. Cargo that moves around while the car is in motion can be extremely distracting. It is virtually impossible to secure these items while keeping your eyes on the road. Before the trip even begins, make sure everything is tied down or put away.

Remove all unnecessary items. Hanging a small trash bag in the car will keep it clean and orderly. Removing all excess items will keep drivers from looking too hard to find what they need. Making sure the car is well organized before getting on the road is the best way to stay focused while driving.

Place any necessary items within reach. People are always looking for toll money, gas credit cards, garage door openers, and other items while they drive. Having these items within reach is a safe way to stay prepared for the duration of the drive.

Stop the car to use the phone. Let's face it – mobile devices and cellular telephones are part of our daily lives. Sending an email or answering a phone call may be personally and professionally necessary to a driver. Safely stopping the car to do use a cell phone is the only way to prevent distracted driving.

These are all things that you can do to stay focused on the road. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent fellow motorists from engaging in distracted driving behaviors. These kinds of accidents are an inevitable cause of Atlanta personal injury. If you or a loved one is hurt in a distracted driving accident, consult a Georgia accident lawyer.


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