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Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer: Theories of Liability

As Atlanta personal injury lawyers, we want our clients to receive the justice they deserve. So, as part of our service, we would like to share some information about product liability.

Product liability is exactly what it sounds like. Those who design, manufacture, and distribute products are liable. If you or a loved one has suffered injury or death at the hands of a faulty product, it's time you contacted Atlanta personal injury lawyers. You're entitled to compensation for your pain, suffering, and economic loss. Atlanta personal injury lawyers will defend a plaintiff's claim based on one or more of four different theories: negligence, breach of warranty, misrepresentation, and strict tort liability.
Atlanta personal injury lawyers will defend a plaintiff's claim based on one or more of four different theories: Negligence, breach of Warranty, Misrepresentation, and strict tort liability.


Negligence refers to the absence of, or failure to exercise, proper or ordinary care. This occurs when designers, manufacturers, and distributors who had a legal obligation either omitted to do what should have been done or did something that should not have been done. Basically, if you've been injured because a manufacturer expressed a lack of reasonable care, you can use Atlanta personal injury attorneys to sue negligence.

Breach of Warranty

Warranties are guaranteed statements by a manufacturer or seller concerning a product during a commercial transaction. In layman's terms, if a manufacturer breaks this guarantee, you're entitled to compensation. And our Atlanta personal injury lawyers will get you that compensation. The law assumes that a seller gives certain warranties concerning goods that are sold and that he or she must stand behind these assertions.


Commonly referred to as false advertising, misrepresentation occurs when manufacturers and/or distributors mislead consumers to a false sense of security. Often times, advertisers neglect to mention potential hazards attached to a particular product. In order to prove misrepresentation, Atlanta personal injury lawyers must prove that their client relied on upon the representations made for that product.

Strict Liability

Strict liability extends the responsibility of the manufacturer to all individuals who might be injured by the product, even in the absence of fault. Injured guests, bystanders, or others with no direct relationship to the product may sue for damages caused by the product. Atlanta personal injury attorneys must prove that the item was defective, the defect proximately caused the injury, and the defect rendered the product unreasonably dangerous.


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