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An Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney's Advice on Recovering from Total Loss

If you are someone who has experienced personal injury from a consumer product then you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer. Atlanta personal injury lawyers specialize in these types of cases, so contacting them after being hurt by a faulty product is the first step in gaining the compensation you deserve. According to these attorneys, there are four factors that are needed to succeed in one of these cases.

Atlanta personal injury lawyers specialize in product liability

Was the product unreasonably dangerous?
Many consumer products have dangers associated with their use, and consumers assume risk when they use them. For example, a lighter produces fire. If you burn your hand on the metal part of a lighter, you cannot blame the manufacturer because that is the nature of the product. However, if the lighter explodes in your hand then it obviously had a defect which means it is considered "unreasonably dangerous." If you think you have been the victim of an unreasonably dangerous product, contact an Atlanta personal injury lawyer immediately.

Did you use the product for its intended purpose?
Manufacturers can only be held accountable for their products when they are used properly. If a product is used for any other reason than its intended purpose then the manufacturer cannot be held responsible. For example, if a consumer uses a lighter to open a beer bottle and the lighter explodes then the manufacturer is not liable. On the other hand, if the consumer uses a lighter to light a candle and it explodes in the person's hand then they should be held accountable for their faulty product.

Was the product modified from its original condition?
If the consumer makes changes to the product, obviously the manufacturer could not have predicted these alterations; therefore, they cannot be held responsible if the product causes harm to the user. Atlanta personal injury lawyers warn consumers that In order for them to stay safe and legally protected from faulty products, it is important that they do not change the product after they buy it.

Were you aware of the defect?
In product liability cases, the manufacturer's defense is usually that the consumer knew there was a problem with the product before it injured them. If they can prove that the injured party did in fact know about the risk of personal injury, the consumer will lose the case. It is the job of Atlanta personal injury lawyers to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the user of the product had no idea it was damaged before they were hurt by it.


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