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How To Get Your Car Repaired When The Crash Wasn’t Your Fault

If you’ve been involved in a car accident that is not your fault, chances are you have a lot of questions. Making sure you are compensated for damage to your car and that any medical bills are paid will likely top your list of concerns. At Goodman & Goodman, LLP, our auto accident lawyer Georgia team of professionals is here to assist.

To help you better understand your rights and how to handle the aftermath of a crash, we have put together some common questions that arise about repairs, payments and claims. Our car accident attorney Atlanta professionals have provided the answers.

Who pays for damage to my car?

Ultimately, if you are not at fault in the accident, the other driver's insurance should pay to repair your vehicle. The process involved in making this happen can take many turns. It is often best to seek out advice from a car accident attorney Georgia specialist.

If the at-fault driver’s insurance company has accepted liability for the crash, this company will pay the price of your vehicle repairs. Keep in mind the process to investigate and accept liability can take weeks. It may be more advantageous for you to allow your insurance company to pay for repairs. If this occurs, your company will obtain reimbursement for its expenses from the other driver’s company. It will also recover back any deductible you may have paid out.

Now, if your car repair estimates exceed 75 percent of your vehicle’s pre-accident fair market value, your car may be considered a “total loss.” This means you will be entitled to the fair market value of your car. You may also be able to claim rental expenses and “diminished value” on a repaired vehicle.

An insurance adjuster has asked to take a ‘recorded statement.’ What should I do?

How best to proceed in this case depends on which insurance company is asking. If it's your insurance company, you may be under contractual obligation to provide the statement. If the adjuster asking for a statement is from the other driver's company, it is usually not advisable to provide it.

Regardless of which company is asking, it is best for you to contact a car accident attorney Atlanta specialist before providing a statement. You should also make sure your auto accident lawyer Georgia representative is present when you do provide a statement.

I’ve been injured and need to see a specialist. Who pays for my medical bills?

While the at-fault driver's insurance company may ultimately end up paying your medical bills, this company is under no obligation to pay medical costs as they are incurred. Instead, your medical costs should be submitted directly to your own insurance company. If you have "Med Pay" coverage on your auto policy, this insurance would be liable for the payments initially. Your medical insurance would serve as the secondary form of payment. If you have no medical coverage at all, a healthcare provider might be willing to perform services on a "lien" basis.

To help you maximize your accident settlement while minimizing any reimbursement obligations, it is best to consult with a personal injury attorney Atlanta professional. A reputable attorney will have the knowledge on how to proceed in the complex arena of healthcare reimbursement..

How much is my settlement worth and when will I get it?

To gain a good idea of how much a settlement might be worth, it is imperative to speak with an auto accident attorney Atlanta professional. You will find that the value of a claim can hinge on a variety of factors including:

  • Clarity of the liability (Is the fault clear? Is there any comparative negligence?)
  • The severity of the impact
  • Evident injuries at the scene of the accident
  • The need for emergency medical care
  • The nature of injuries
  • The type of medical care required, including continuity and frequency of care
  • The presence of permanent injuries and restrictions
  • Preexisting medical conditions
  • Loss of income
  • The venue where a lawsuit might need to be filed
  • The availability of liability insurance and uninsured motorist coverage limits

All of the factors that go into determining a claim value cannot be fully considered until you are released from medical care. Once your car accident attorney Georgia representative has received final medical reports, he or she can evaluate your case and advise you about its potential value and negotiation strategy. It can take up to four weeks to receive final reports after a release. At this time, your personal injury lawyer Atlanta representative will issue a settlement demand letter to the insurer. Negotiations can take weeks. If an acceptable offer isn't received, your auto accident lawyer Georgia representative may recommend a lawsuit. This can take up to 18 months to reach a jury. Keep in mind – it is possible to continue negotiations while a lawsuit is pending.

What will attorney’s fees and expenses cost me?

When you work with Goodman & Goodman, LLP, your fees for hiring one of our car accident attorney Atlanta specialists will not come into play until we settle your case. We work on a contingency fee basis. This means you are charged a percentage of any recovery we obtain on your behalf. While the fee to hire an auto accident lawyer Atlanta professional can vary based on the case, we typically charge 33 1/3% for cases settled before litigation. If a case must go to court, the cost can rise to 40%. If we do accept your case, we will pay all costs associated with its preparation. The fees we will cover include securing your medical records and reports, investigator’s fees, accident reconstruction and engineer’s fees, court filing fees, court reporter and videographer fees, medical expert witness fees, and others. These expenses can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. They will be recovered from your share of any settlement. We do discuss expenses with clients prior to incurring any substantial costs.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, Goodman & Goodman, LLP is here to help. Contact a personal injury lawyer Atlanta expert from our firm today for a free consultation.

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