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How to Prevent an Automobile Accident – Safe Driving Practices for Teens

Atlanta Accident Attorneys Represent Teen Drivers

There is a reason why car insurance is more expensive for younger drivers – they are in the most accidents. One of the scariest moments for any parent is when their teenager gets a driver's license. Not only are they becoming more independent and breaking away from the nest, but they are at risk for an automobile accident. As experienced Atlanta accident attorneys, we recommend teaching kids safe driving practices to lessen the chances of a serious crash.

Lead by Example It is a well-known fact that children learn by example. The number one way to ensure your teen uses safe driving practices is to drive safely too. Some things to avoid are road rage and distracted driving such as sending emails or texts while behind the wheel. You children may pick up these dangerous habits if they see mom or dad doing them.

Supervised Lessons Some parents think the high school's driving course is all the education their child needs in order to drive safely. They rely on the six hours of driving school to teach them how to operate a vehicle properly. There is a lot of merit to the saying "practice makes perfect," especially when it comes to driving. Parents who give their children hands-on supervised driving lessons are lessening their chances of getting into an accident.

Defensive Driving Courses Many people may write off a defensive driving course as a waste of time and money, but how can you put a price on your child's safety and wellbeing? We believe that these short but useful courses can teach teen drivers cautionary material that will keep them protected on the roads.

In many towns across America, teens are signing contracts with their parents that promise they will drive safely. Unfortunately, accidents happen despite lessons, extra courses, and contracts. If a crash should occur, an Atlanta car accident attorney can help teens and their parents get the legal advice and assistance they need.


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