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Questions to Ask before Hiring an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

Hiring the right attorney could mean the difference between winning and losing your case. There are a few general questions that every car accident victim should ask their potential lawyers during their search for the best one. The following questions will help you determine which Atlanta car accident attorney has the most experience and the best chances of getting you and your loved ones the representation and compensation you deserve.

How to Find the Best Atlanta Car Accident Attorney for You

Do you have experience with cases like this?
It is important for the Atlanta car accident attorney to understand the type of crash that you experienced so they know how to present the case. There may not be enough time to go over every detail of the accident in the initial consultation, but you must communicate the important parts as clearly and as honestly as possible. It is important to be prepared with as much detail as possible so the attorney can make a quick yet accurate assessment.

What is your success rate?
The Atlanta car accident attorney you select should not only have experience with cases like yours, but they lawyer you choose should have experience winning cases like yours. After all, a track record of proven courtroom success is the best indicator of future success. The only way you will get the settlement you deserve is if the lawyer wins the case, so success rate is extremely important when it comes to choosing an attorney.

What type of law does the firm practice?
It is important to choose an Atlanta car accident attorney from a personal injury firm. Because personal injury is a specialized field, lawyers that are experienced in car accident cases are the most obvious choice. In the same way that you would want a heart surgeon performing your bypass operation, you want an attorney that specializes in auto accidents to handle your personal injury case. A lawyer that is experienced in the field as well as in the state of Georgia is the best option for an Atlanta car accident attorney that is representing you.


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