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Why Should I Hire an Atlanta Personal Injury Specialist Immediately Following an Accident at Work?

People who sustain work injuries often experience physical, emotional, and financial problems that last long after the accident occurred. Most of the time people focus on their physical injuries, but the financial side effects can be just as traumatic. An attorney who specializes in Atlanta personal injury and worker’s compensation can determine how much you should be compensated for any and all changes to the quality of your life. It is important to hire a lawyer immediately following a work injury for a few different reasons. They include:

Attention to Detail
Atlanta personal injury specialists need as many details as possible in order to prove your case. Therefore, it is important to write down any and all relevant information as soon as the accident happens. You may never know what kind of obscure details will help the attorney win a personal injury lawsuit, so hiring a lawyer as soon as possible will ensure that the event is fresh in your mind.

Statute of Limitations
There is only a certain amount of time that injured workers can file a claim following an incident at work – this is known as the statute of limitations. The specific time frame varies from state to state, but each state has laws that regulate this. Sometimes people’s injuries, especially trauma to the head and neck, do not surface until days, weeks, or even months later – so hiring an Atlanta personal injury right away can protect you from these types of injuries while staying within the parameters of the law.

Learn Your Rights
Most people do not know or understand all the nuances of Atlanta personal injury laws. They are long, complicated, and confusing. Hiring an expert in the field can help the injured party learn their rights so they ultimately know their options in terms of filing a lawsuit. You wouldn’t pull out your own tooth if you had a cavity, right? Instead you would leave this job up to your dentist. The same theory applies to work injuries – depend on a professional to handle your personal injury case instead of trying to go it alone.

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