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How to Deal with Dangerous Driving Conditions

When it comes to auto accidents, prevention is the best medicine. It is important for drivers to understand various dangerous driving conditions so they know how to avoid them in the first place. As an experienced Atlanta car accident lawyer who has seen it all, the weather and roadwork are some of the most common dangers on America’s roadways that lead to collisions. Here is more information detailing these dangers and explaining how to deal with them.

No matter what time of year it is, there are weather conditions that can cause unsafe driving conditions. For example, snow and ice during the cold winter months is extremely dangerous for most vehicles. Many people do not own cars that are equipped to drive through snow, yet they attempt to travel on roads that aren’t plowed anyway. An Atlanta car accident lawyer recommends avoiding driving through snow unless drivers absolutely have to. As the year progresses, spring brings on heavy rains that are also to blame for many accidents. Drivers should pull over on the side of the road if their visibility is affected by rain. You may not be able to control the weather, but you can certainly control how you deal with it.

In order to keep our roadways safe and working effectively, sometimes they need to undergo repairs. Roadwork can cause many unsafe driving conditions, so it is important to use extra care when traveling through construction zones. One threat to you and your vehicle is debris on the road as a result of the repairs. For example, those big orange cones that mark off the areas where the roadwork is being performed can be blown into the street by a strong wind or misplaced by a construction worker. To avoid hitting them, you may try to swerve out of the way thereby causing an accident. Also, roadwork causes congestion which is an unsafe condition in and of itself. According to an Atlanta car accident lawyer, the best way to deal with these problems is to pay close attention to the road and proceed slowly and with caution.

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer
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