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As you can imagine, motorcycle accidents are more deadly than car crashes. The simple fact that nothing separates these drivers from bodily impact puts them directly in harm's way. Motorcycles are cheaper than cars, so more people buy them during an economic downturn. Because of the increase of these types of vehicles, there are a few things to keep in mind that will protect riders and the people who share the road with them. Atlanta injury lawyers can help victims of an accident after it has occurred, but preventing it in the first place is the safest way to travel.

Reasons to Wear a Helmet Not every state requires motorcyclists to wear helmets; however, it is the law in Georgia. Anyone who is caught without a helmet will receive a ticket and a fine. If the threat of a motor vehicle violation is not great enough, simply consider the potential for serious head and brain trauma that result from one of these accidents. No matter how far or how fast a motorcyclist is riding, they should always wear a helmet.

Why Accidents are Rising In America, the attitude is that bigger and faster is better. As motorcycle models continue to evolve into stronger machines, the more dangerous they get. People do not consider the consequences of choosing a motorcycle with the most powerful engine. Instead, they give into the need for speed and push the vehicle to its limits, resulting in more accidents.

It is extremely important for motorcycle drivers to pay attention to the road. New technologies such as MP3 players and hands-free cellular telephones are distractions that put the rider in danger as well as other motorists. While these technologies are convenient and part of our everyday lives, they should only be used off the road.

Motorcycles are an exciting way to travel. However, they can also be very dangerous. Should you or your loved one become involved in a motorcycle accident, the best course of action is to hire an accomplished Atlanta injury lawyer. Georgia has the weather that is conducive to traveling by motorcycle; luckily, they have the attorneys to represent their residents should an accident occur.


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