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Reasons to Hire an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney after a Crash

After a car accident, many people wonder if they need to hire an attorney. The answer is no, you don’t need to. However, there are many benefits to seeking legal representation following a collision. In general, hiring a lawyer is just like using any other professional service – you are counting on their experience and professional judgment to deal with a particular situation. Think about it – if you had a toothache, you would have a dentist take care of your teeth, right? Here are the main reasons why you should consider hiring an Atlanta car accident attorney if you are involved in a crash.

Learn Your Rights
There are millions of licensed drivers in the United States, but how many of them know their rights when it comes to car accidents? In most minor accidents, both parties walk away relatively unscathed and they go through their insurance companies to have their vehicles fixed. No problem, right? Wrong. Even the most minor injuries resulting from an auto accident can cause much bigger problems down the road. Some injuries, such as head and neck trauma, do not surface until much later – even after receiving a settlement check from the insurance company. Then what do you do? Every driver has the right to hire an Atlanta car accident attorney in the event of an accident to handle the consequences immediately following the event as well as in the future.

Understand Your Options
There’s no doubt about it – the law is complicated. Only an attorney who has studied the law knows the complexities of their area of expertise. An Atlanta car accident attorney can explain your options in terms of potential damages and settlement options. For example, in addition to medical bills, you may be entitled to lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. Unless you hire a lawyer, how will you know what all of your legal rights? In some cases, defendants or their insurance companies make settlement offers – but how do you know if this is the right option? A car accident attorney can advise you as to whether or not this is the best choice.

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